This page is listing all the theme songs that Sucorex Tamashi inherits. They can change over time if personality changes occur.

Sucorex's Theme 1 Edit

Kanon Wakeshima - Suna No Oshiro (instrumental version)03:14

Kanon Wakeshima - Suna No Oshiro (instrumental version)

Sucorex's Theme 2 Edit

Kumiko Noma - Lilium03:02

Kumiko Noma - Lilium

Sucorex Arrives Edit

Death Note Theme - Low of Solipsism02:23

Death Note Theme - Low of Solipsism

Sucorex's Battle Theme 1 Edit

Bleach OST - Invasion05:42

Bleach OST - Invasion

Sucorex's Battle Theme 2 Edit

Audiomachine - Blitzkrieg03:40

Audiomachine - Blitzkrieg

Sucorex Gets Serious Edit

Bleach OST - Vasto Lord Theme02:52

Bleach OST - Vasto Lord Theme

Sucorex Goes All Out Edit

Treachery - Bleach Movie 2 Soundtrack02:35

Treachery - Bleach Movie 2 Soundtrack

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