Mizu Kanji
Blue hair anime girl
Race Shinigami
Birthday Jan-25-150ad
Gender Female
Height 5'9 cm (feet)
Weight 110 kg (lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation Member/Seated Member/etc. of the 5th Division
Team First/Second/Third/Fourth/etc. Division
Partner n/a yet
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives yaru
Education Shin'o Academy
Shikai Haki tekina ebu>
Bankai <Haki tekina Tsunami

status unknown she dosnt know the name of her weapon yet her Zanpakutō


5'5 really skinny 5'9 long blue hair, bright blue eyes long light blue nails and toe nails.


In human form, she is for the most part the same as usual expect she wears short skirts and long sleeve shirts



shy quite rather lonely after her death , she misses the water in the human world she is as calm as a river but as deadly as a tidal wave.


In the human world she becomes really happy going out buying stuff and going swimming in the rivers and lakes.



History Part 1

The first years in soul society she was always depressed crying every night sitting in the fields along she meet a young boy who asked her what was wrong so she replayed to him that she dost understand why it never rains when she wants it to. Years later her spiritual pressure start to build up as her zanplukto with out her knowing it was crying to her everyday. She could never sleep during the lonely nights, several years later (10 years in soul society) she saw a young shinigami captain fighting in the soul society some invader she dosnt remember much all she remember remembers was the captain was so strong fighting so good defending people so on, she wishes she could do that in her mind after the captain won even though he was injured he asked her if she was okay from that day on she swore to become a strong shinigami.

History Part 3

History Part 4


She seeks to find out what she can do to defend everyone, she dosnt want to see anyone else fall into depressing so she fights to protect many, she will meet many who will aid her into not being so depressed with out water. who will she become... what kind of shinigami will she be no body knows. not even herself.

Powers and Abilities

Creates tidal waves in bankai form and in shikai form can throw small waves at a opponent the waves cut the opponents as the pressure pushes onto them.


Name : Haki tekina Appearce within her soul is a young child mermaid with a broken wing in a lake under the water.

  • Shikai: Haki tekina ebu
  • Bankai: Haki tekina Tsunami


Her zanpakuto has a mermaid inscription on the blade, People Think she is so pretty in as the sun light touches her tidal waves shining back.


May water bring you true suffering, "within soul" Haki tenkina says "why are you holding back my power, the desire of water only brings peace.

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