Genzai No-Daburu
Shinigami Zanpakutō
Name of Zanpakuto: Genzai No-Daburu
Meaning: "Double Currents"
Name of Bankai: Jiba
Meaning: "Magnetic Field"
Type: Unclassified Zanpakuto
Wielder: [[Masaru Yoshida]]

Masaru's Shikai Release, has magnetic Cleavers.

Shikai Form of Genzai No-Daburu

Shikai Abilities: When Shikai is activated, electric currents are harvested, and pass throughout Masaru;s twin Zanpakutos; Causing them to transform. The Swords have the ability to leave traces of magnetic particles wherever it touches, causing the Cleavers to move in insane ways, and cut through opponents. It also can run magnetic currents through metallic objects it touches.
WoWScrnShot 121512 220311

Masaru unleashing spirit pressure.

Bankai Form of Genzai No-Daburu

Bankai Abilities: Causes a unnatural magnetic field to emit around Masaru. This could cause things like Weapons to be highly magnetism, and possibly disarming the opponents.
Status: Undiscovered

Double Current - Genzai No-Daburu - 現在のダブル

Genzai No-Daburu - 現在のダブル, 

Shikai Release


Masaru's Shikai

Bankai Release

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