Shinigami Zanpakutō
Name of Zanpakuto: Shadoudansā
Meaning: Shadow Dancer
Type: Melee Zanpakutō Zanpakuto
Wielder: Myronor

Shikai Form of Shadoudansā

Shikai Abilities: Kage Taberu Hito
Status: Undiscovered

The Zanpakutō Shadoudansā is currently wielded by Myronor.

Appearance of Zanpakuto/Zanpakuto's True Form Edit

Appearance of Inner Zanpakuto World Edit

Abilities Edit

Shikai: Kage Taberu Hito

  • Allows Myronor to have more mobility and a drastic speed increase, with a strength decreasal.
  • Enhances Myronor's Spiritual Pressure.
  • After hitting the opponent once, Shadoudansā gradually, slowly eats away the opponent's Spiritual Pressure if given enough time during a fight. (Example.: 15-30minutes for half or more of the Spiritual Pressure. Doesn't take Soul Reaper powers though.)
  • Myronor can take less beating because Shadoudansā's envolving shadows allow the attacks to pierce him easily and hurt him more.

History Edit

  • This blade is newly formed by Myronor when he becomes a shinigami, as there is no previous records of this Zanpakutō. Meaning it's story is yet to be revealed.

Previous wielders Edit

Nobody has ever been seen with this Zanpakutō, there have been no previous wielders either.

Trivia Edit

  • This Zanpakutō was formed due to Myronor's confidence and high-rivalry with his other friends and the 'need' or the 'wish' of becoming stronger to avenge his mother's death, after he died he strived to become stronger in the Soul Society to be able to not let that happen to anyone else and to find his mother.

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