Sekai hendō
Arrancar Zanpakutō
Name of Resurreción: Sekai hendō
Meaning: Worldly Cataclysm
Name of Segunda Etapa: ????
Meaning: ????
Type: Unclassified Zanpakuto
Wielder: Misaki Tamashi

Released Form of Sekai hendō

Released Abilities: Kaen saisho no mai, Tsugini honō mai.
Segunda Etapa Abilities: Unknown

The Zanpakutō Sekai hendō is currently wielded by Misaki Tamashi. It is one of the strongest Zanpakutos wielded.

Appearance of Inner Zanpakuto World

101029 mountains

The inner world of Misaki Tamashi is one of fiery destruction. It is bright and overwhelming yet beautiful at the same time. The world burns in eternal flame, and has massive pools of lava every where you look. Anyone who sets their eyes upon this inner world would most likely go into a mental state of terror due to how devastated the world appears. Misaki's Sekai hendō truly is a weapon of mass destruction.


  • Resurreción
    • Kaen saisho no mai, 火炎最初の舞 (Literally meaning "First Dance of Flame") This ability attempts to evaporate anything that a soul is enclosed in, for example a human body and return the soul to the caster to allow her to devour it. If there is nothing surrounding the soul, the flame will attempt to "absorb" the soul so that the caster can devour the flames along with the targeted soul.
    • Tsugini honō mai, 次に炎の舞 (Literally meaning "Next Dance of Flame") This ability summons an elemental of fire to do Misaki's bidding, the fire elemental may devour souls on behalf of the caster and return the souls to Misaki at at time. The duration of the Fire Elemental has no time limit, and it's strength is always 100% of the casters. While the fire Elemental is active, the caster can not use any spiritual pressure based attacks, including other Zanpakuto release abilities.
  • Segunda Etapa
    • Unknown



Previous wielders



  • According to rumors, it can not be bequeath after Misaki' demise.
  • Sekai hendō's Segunda Etapa is one of the only ones existing. It's name and effects are unknown, though.

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