Kurimuzon· Tai do
Shinigami Zanpakutō
Name of Zanpakuto: Kurimuzon· Tai do
Meaning: Crimson Tides
Name of Bankai: Unknown
Meaning: Unknown
Type: Kido Zanpakuto
Wielder: Claude

Shikai Form of Kurimuzon· Tai do

Shikai Abilities: Capable of performing a variety of crimson-colored energy techniques.

Bankai Form of Kurimuzon· Tai do

Bankai Abilities: Unknown
Status: Undiscovered

The Zanpakutō Kurimuzon· Tai do is currently wielded by Claude.

Appearance of Zanpakuto/Zanpakuto's True Form Edit

The zanpakuto Kurimuzon· Tai do remains in constant shikai form where the blade has a skull on the beginning, and takes a unique shape from then on.

Appearance of Inner Zanpakuto World Edit


Abilities Edit

Shikai - Kurimuzon· Tai do

- The first technique fires a very large wave of crimson-colored energy.

- The second technique surrounds the wielder with a red shield of energy which repels 15% damage done.

- When in released form, each hit with Kurimuzon· Tai do can cause extra ordinary damage compared to its sealed form due to its Crimson energy being bound to the blade and causing a greater impact with each strike.

(All of these techniques are kido based and extremely powerful)

- Bankai - Unknown

History Edit

The Zanpakuto Kurimuzon· Tai do is a female zanpakuto which is rare in comparison due to the fact that its master is a male.

Previous wielders Edit


Trivia Edit


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