• Kori-Shin: Ice God.

Abilities Edit


  • Allows the wielder to use the element of ice to slow down, critically damage and injure the opponent. 
  • When the Zanpaktou comes into contact with an enemies Zanpaktou, it cause damage over time due to the freezing of the enemie's body. (Passive: Godly Frostbite)
  • In Shikai form, the wielder will be able to use Kido spells such as Ice Beams, Ice Whip, and Ice Ball Projections. (Ice Manipulation)
  • Lastly it covers the wielder with an 'Ice Shield' that can absorb most of the damage coming conflicted by an enemy. (Ice Barrage.)


  • Not available yet.


When Jin became a Shinigami he almost died from severe cold that was caused in the winter season. Upon travelling to Soul Society he blacked out and collapsed in the snow. He woke up somewhere, where the enviornemt  was completely white and blue. He did not feel his body, but neither did he feel cold anymore. An angel appeared and with all might flew directly into Jin's body. Jin realised that he was partially dead but his soul was still alive. The angel called out for him and Jin called his name. "Kori-Shin, Save Me" were the words. He saw a bright light which was the sun, he arose from the snow holding his Zanpaktou, his savior, and his friend.


  • Meele Zanpaktou.
  • Undiscovered.

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