Kitsune Ka
Shinigami Zanpakutō
Name of Zanpakuto: Kitsune Ka
Meaning: Fox of Fire
Name of Bankai: N/A
Meaning: N/A
Type: Unclassified Zanpakuto
Wielder: Ashramaru Kazumaki

Shikai Form of Kitsune Ka

Shikai Abilities: Ka Tengoku
Status: Undiscovered

The Zanpakutō Kitsune KA is currently wielded by Ashramaru Kazumaki.

Appearance of Zanpakuto/Zanpakuto's True Form Edit

Appearance of Inner Zanpakuto World Edit

Abilities Edit


  • Ka Tengoku:

Ashramaru throws a slice of fire for offence.Also he can change the fire into defence as he can keep her into his blade so to dodge other attacks.

History Edit

This zanpakuto is formed by the father of Ashramaru but there are no other info.

Previous wielders Edit

Keiko Ashramaru

Trivia Edit

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