Shakkuru, Inosentoshinā
Shinigami Zanpakutō
Name of Zanpakuto: Shakkuru, Inosentoshinā
Meaning: Shackle, Innocent Sinner
Name of Bankai: Yurusa Inosentoshinā
Meaning: Forgiven Innocent Sinner
Type: Melee-/Physical Zanpakuto
Wielder: Edward Kurenai
Shikai Abilities: >>Heavily increases Reiatsu

>>Slightly increases durability >>Enhances strength and speed >>Increases ability to gather and form reiatsu >>Removes mobility from hands

Status: Undiscovered

The Zanpakutō Inosentoshinā is currently wielded by Edward Kurenai. Note that this is merely meant as example.

Appearance Edit

Once released, Inosentoshinā takes the form of shackles.

  • One pair shackles his hands, restricting him from doing too much
  • One pair would shackles his feet, but they are broken. The remains hang loosely from the ankles, protecting them to a degree.

Yurusa Inosentoshinā breaks the shackles on his legs and forms claws on his hands.

  • Returns his mobility for hands
  • Broken shackles hang loosely from his body, protecting the ankles.

Abilities Edit

  • Shikai: Inosentoshinā
    • Heavily increases Reiatsu: Edward's Reiatsu density increases.
    • Slightly increases durability: Edward is able to take more punishment in battle.
    • Enhances strength and speed: Edward's strength and his speed is greatly increased
    • Increases Reiatsu-gather ability: Edward has an easier time to form solid reiatsu surfaces in air or gather Reiatsu overall.
    • Mobility-restriction: The additional power comes with the removed mobility from Edward's hands. He also is unable to form Kidos while in Shikai.
  • Bankai: Yurusa Inosentoshinā
    • Immense Reiatsu-increase: Edward's Reiatsu density and reserves increase immensely.
    • Immensely Durability: Edward can take a lot more punishment while in Bankai, making him a force to recon with.
    • Immense Strength and Speed: Edward is getting very strong in Bankai to the point that a sole step could break the ground around him.
    • Tsumi (Literally Sin, 罪): Edward can form extended limbs of Reiatsu.

History Edit

  • This blade and it's meaning has no previous history or wielder yet, which makes it a special case for the future.

Previous wielders Edit

  • No previous wielder is known.

Trivia Edit

  • Inosentoshinā was formed as the answer to Edward's past. He takes it's restriction as means of retribution.
  • Part of his Bankai training is overcoming his past in it's entirety.

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