Chikyū no hametsu
Shinigami Zanpakutō
Name of Zanpakuto: Chikyū no hametsu
Meaning: Earth's bane
Name of Bankai: Hakai-tekina chikyū no hametsu
Meaning: Destructive earth's bane.
Type: Unclassified Zanpakuto
Wielder: [[Aendistu Sagara]]
Mograine's Might

Chikyū no Hametsu Shikai.

Shikai Form of Chikyū no hametsu

Garfrosts Two Ton Hammer

Chikyū no hametsu Bankai.

Bankai Form of Chikyū no hametsu

Status: Undiscovered

The Zanpakutō Chikyū no Hametsu is currently wielded by Aendistu Sagara.


In shikai, Chikyū no Hametsu turns into a slightly golden mace with blades on the blunt area of the mace. When the mace is released in bankai, the mace turns into a hammer with stone teeth, a red hilt, and spikes on the bottom end of the hammer.


"Destroy" - Chikyū no Hametsu -地球の破滅

Once Chikyū no Hametsu strikes the ground, stalagmites come out of the ground, forming a straight line towards the enemy. When not striking the ground, the zanpakuto strikes similarly to an unreleased zanpakuto, only with a bit more power into it.


"Decimate" - Hakai-tekina chikyū no hametsu - 破壊的な地球の破滅

After reaching bankai, the zanpakuto's stalagmites get bigger, and explode when they touch. Also, the attack power of the zanpakuto is doubled.


  • Aendistu Sagara is the first one to wield this zanpakuto.

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