The Zanpakutō Atsuryoku is currently wielded by Zerro Tsurugi.


Shikai: Atsuryoku katto

  • The Zanpakuto with own power doing a slim and long pressure/shock waves. Zerro must have all reatsu in zanpakuto.

Bankai: Shukketsu Atsuryoku

  • Bankai can restore Zerro's strange,speed and restore power of Zanpakuto too. Zanpakuto in bankai is changed to new form.Zanpakuto(Atsuryoku) in bankai is more longer. (more Longer Katana)


  • History of this Zanpakuto isn't b

    Zanpakuto in Bankai form and zanpakuto have only Zerro.

    ecause is it new.


Melee/cutting zanpakuto 

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